Earring Go Round

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 Nadine Monique

"I am the creator of Earring Go Round, the most popular tabletop jewelry organizer available today.

After struggling with earring storage for years, I finally decided to create my own product with all the features I believed were lacking in other products.  I wanted to "see" all of my earrings in one place, always have the items accessible and be able to store them with ease and confidence so that accessorizing would not take 15-30 minutes each time I prepared for an outing.

I began working on this venture in 2009 and launched the worldwide sale of "Earring Go Round" in mid 2010.  Since conception, my product has gained popularity and my company continues to prosper. (Thanks be to God) 

As a single mother of two, in search of an occupation that would allow me time to be a "hands on" parent, this venture has proven to be successful. 

I must also thank my thousands of loyal customers who constantly pass the Earring Go Round product name on to their friends and family, I could not have done it without YOU!"

Introducing Earring Go Round® A jewelry holder designed for storage and organization of your jewelry accessories in the best possible way. It spins for easy access and adds beauty to your home when adorned with your jewelry. Designed and created by a woman for organized females of all ages to effectively remedy earring and other jewelry storage & organization frustration with one ultimate product that is affordable, attractive and will last a lifetime.

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"The most popular tabletop jewelry stand available!"